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WANG Caifeng

Investigador visitante / Research visitor

Barchelor of Material Formation and Control Engineering, PhD student of Beijing Institute of Technology

Contacto / Contact

Laboratorio de Estructuras
ETS Ingenieros de Caminos
T.: +34 913366700
F.: +34 913366702

Investigación / Research

- Dynamic loads of human walking and human-induced vibration of footbridges

Publicaciones / Publications

- Wang Caifeng, Gao Shiqiao, Jin Lei(2013):Dynamic Test Methods for Natural Frequency of Footbridge. Journal of Measurement Science and Instrumentation,Vol5,pp.49-53.
- Yao Fenglin, Gao Shiqiao, Wang Caifeng(2011): Stiffness computation of a decoupled micro gyroscope and the effect of machining error. 2011 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Management Science and Electronic Commerce, pp.5785-5788.