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Carlos Zanuy Sánchez

Profesor Titular / Associate professor

Dr. Ingeniero de Caminos

Contacto / Contact

Laboratorio de Estructuras
ETS Ingenieros de Caminos
e-mail: carlos.zanuy(a)
T.: +34 910674154
F.: +34 913366702

Docencia / Teaching

- Resistencia de Materiales (2º, Grado Ingeniero Civil y Territorial).
- Elasticidad Aplicada (1º, Máster Ingeniero de Caminos, C y P).
- Análisis Experimental de Estructuras (2º, Máster Ingeniero de Caminos, C y P).
- Dirección Trabajos Fin de Grado (4º, Grado Ingeniero Civil y Territorial).
- Dirección Trabajos Fin de Máster (Máster Ingeniería de Estructuras, Cimentaciones y Materiales).
- Resistencia de Materiales, Elasticidad y Plasticidad (3º, Ingeniero de Caminos, C y P).
- Análisis Experimental de Estructuras (5º, Ingenieros de Caminos, C y P, especialidad Cimientos y Estructuras).

Investigación / Research

- Estructuras de hormigón / Concrete structures.
- Fatiga, comportamiento a largo plazo de estructuras / Fatigue and long term behaviour of structures.
- Impacto, comportamiento dinámico / Impact, dynamic behaviour.
- Instrumentación, daño estructural / Monitoring, structural damage.

Publicaciones / Main publications

- Zanuy C. (2019): Tension chord model and flexural stiffness for circular CFST in bending. International Journal of Steel Structures, 19 (1), pp. 147-156. ISSN 1598-2351.
- Zanuy C. (2019): Discussion of “Flexural Testing of Circular Concrete-Filled Tubes without Axial Forces”, by A. Nghiem, T.H.K. Kang, M. Lee, C. Ramseyer, and C.H Lee. ACI Structural Journal, 116 (1), pp. 277-278. ISSN 0889-3241.
- Hingorani R., Tanner P., Zanuy C. (2019): Life safety risk-based requirements for concrete structures in accidental situations caused by gas explosions. Structural Safety, 76, pp. 184-196. ISSN 0167-4730.
- Zanuy C., Albajar L. (2018): Performance of the centre section of broad gage prestressed concrete sleepers under fatigue loading and controlled cracking. Structural Concrete, 19 (2), pp. 472-482. ISSN 1751-7648.
- Zanuy C., Díaz I.M. (2018): Stress distribution and resistance of lap splices under fatigue loading. Engineering Structures, 175, pp. 700-710. ISSN 0141-0296.
- Ulzurrún G., Zanuy C. (2017): Enhancement of impact performance of reinforced concrete beams without stirrups by adding steel fibers. Construction and Building Materials, 145, pp. 166-182. ISSN 0950-0618.
- Zanuy C., Ulzurrún G. (2017): Discussion of “Simplified approach for assessing shear resistance of reinforced concrete beams under impact loads”, by W.-J. Yi, D.-B. Zhao and S.K. Kunnath. ACI Structural Journal, 114 (3), pp. 789-791. ISSN 0889-3241.
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- Fernández Ruiz M., Zanuy C., Natário F., Gallego J.M., Albajar L., Muttoni A. (2015): Influence of Fatigue Loading in Shear Failures of Reinforced Concrete Members without Transverse Reinforcement, Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 13 (5), pp. 263-274. ISSN 1347-3913.
- Gallego J.M., Zanuy C., Albajar L. (2014): Shear fatigue behaviour of reinforced concrete elements without shear reinforcement, Engineering Structures, 79, pp. 45-57. ISSN 0141-0296.
- Zanuy C., Maya-Duque L.F., Gallego J. M., de la Fuente P. (2014): Damage identification of RC bridge decks under fatigue loading, Informes de la Construcción, 66 (EXTRA-1), pp. 1-11. ISSN 0020-0883.
- Zanuy C., Curbach M., Lindorf A. (2013): Finite element study of bond strength between concrete and reinforcement under uneven confinement condition. Structural Concrete, 14 (3), pp. 260-270. ISSN 1751-7648.
- Maya L.F., Zanuy C., Albajar L., Lopez C., Portabella J. (2013): Experimental assessment of connections for precast concrete frames using ultra high performance fibre reinforced concrete. Construction and Building materials, 48 (11), pp. 173-186. ISSN 0950-0618.
- Zanuy C., Albajar L., de la Fuente P. (2013): Evaluation of Fatigue Bond Strength of Anchorage Zones with a Mechanical Model. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 139 (1), pp. 28-38. ISSN 0733-9445.
- Zanuy C., Albajar L. (2013): Discussion of "Experimental study on the performance of approach slabs under deteriorating soil washout conditions" by Y.-T. Chen and Y.H. Chai. ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering, 18 (1), pp. 83-84. ISSN 1084-0702.
- Zanuy C., de la Fuente P., Pinilla M. (2012): Bending strength of threaded connections for micropiles. Journal of Constructional Steel research, 78 (1), pp. 68-78. ISSN 0143-974X.
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- Gallego J.M., Albajar L., Zanuy C. (2011): Estimación de la resistencia a cortante en elementos de hormigón armado sin armadura transversal sometidos a fatiga. Ist International congress on mechanical models in structural engineering, Granada (Spain), December 16, 2011.
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